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In the eighties Australian manipulative physiotherapist Jenny McConnell introduced rigid taping in orthopaedic manipulative physiotherapy. McConnell tape applications are in line with assessment and management principles of neuro-musculoskeletal physiotherapy and are evidence-supported.

Also in the eighties, Japanese chiropractitioner and applied kinesiologist Kenzo Kase developed coloured elastic adhesive bandages for direct application at the skin. The tape imitates the characteristics of the skin and makes skin protecting underwrap superfluent. This kind of taping became known as Kinesio Taping.

Since 2006 the application of elastic adhesive bandages, in line with western principals of sports physiotherapy / medicine and orthopaedic manipulative physiotherapy / medicine, developed to a conceptual approach of functional taping with elastic tape, known as Kinematic TapingR Concept leading by John Langendoen.

Kinematic Taping® instructors are clinicians with an academic background: in all seminars all your questions will be answered.